Sidesaddle Putting Drill

If you are new to sidesaddle putting, practice the following drill for 10 to 20 minutes before you start. 

Get on a putting green, and face the hole or target about 30 feet away.

Start to roll (toss) balls, in a bowling under arm fashion, with the aim of getting them close to your target. Do this until you find your most comfortable and natural position.

You will learn a number of crucial things as you do this:

1. You will learn a key swing thought for sidesaddle... (Toss the lower grip as though it were a ball in in the fingers).

2. You will find your natural setup.  As you practice the drill observe how you position yourself... (Your feet position, the amount you bend at the waist, the amount of bend in your elbow, whether you have more weight leaning to the ball side, etc.). This will teach you your own, most effective stance for sidesaddle.

3. As you toss the ball, observe the distance your hand is from the ground... (This will teach you where to hold the lower grip).

Try to do the ball rolling / tossing drill often to reinforce your feel for the sidesaddle putting stroke and sidesaddle swing thought.

Sidesaddle Setup

Also see some videos on our youtube site:

Step 1. 

Stand behind the ball, looking at the intended line to make the putt.

Step 2. 

Place putter head behind ball aiming down the putt line. 


Step 3. 

Step alongside the putter head.

Step 4. 

Swing back and through like you would toss a ball from your fingers, this will get the ball rolling into the hole!


Golf Digest Article - Gary McCord


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